We often hear, “that the kids nowadays don’t have enough respect”, or “respect is earned, not given”. I wanted to better understand and research this topic, and dive right into the core of what respect really means. The definition of respect is the due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others.  Its the idea of acknowledging ones feelings, listening to others, and liking someone because of their qualities, actions and achievements.

We first need to distinguish between self-respect, showing respect and disrespect.


respect 3Respecting yourself means determining your own worth and value. The way you treat yourself, is the way you allow others to treat you. Hold yourself to a higher standard, if you don’t, others wont. People can pick up on the energy you putting out into the world, be careful how you portray yourself.  Always treat people the way you want to be treated. Lying to yourself makes you start believing your own lies to a point where you cannot distinguish the truth. In doing this, you will start to lose respect for yourself.  You have the control over your own attitude and how you react to situations. You have the choice to be happy, positive, kind and respectful. In saying that, try and see the best in everyone and respect their path and journey. Being non-judgmental, sympathizing and putting yourself in the other persons shoes, will definitely assist in gaining respect from other people. If you want to gain peoples respect, you need to lead by example and establish credibility.

Respect For Others         

Showing respect is recognizing a persons value, showing courtesy and identifiying that external factors have nothing to do with how you may feel about the person involved.


Its disrespectful when showing an attitude of contempt or disregard towards someone. Behaving rudely to that persons ideas, thoughts and what that person stands for. As Oscar Wilde said so profoundly, “A true gentleman is one who is never unintentionally rude.”

We need to have more self-respect, show more respect and stop being disrespectful. Respect can be earned, and it can also be lost. It is harder to gain respect once it has been lost. By not showing respect, it says more about your own character than theirs.

EminemPeople admire people not their titles. You can choose who you spend your time with. Don’t waste time on people that don’t appreciate and see the value you have to offer. Spend time with people that build you up, make you laugh and feel loved. You shouldn’t need to convince anyone of your worth, you are worth more than that and deserve better.


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